Product Description

OEM Semi Trailer Turntable (UT)


UA01 Series

Part No.
A B E F H Capacity Weight  
Related To
    mm mm mm mm mm ton kg  
  UT300-55UA01 295 295 220 200 55 0.5 8 U.300.12
  UT400-55UA01 400 400 310 292 55 0.75 12.5 U.400.12
  UT500-55UA01 500 500 410 392 55 1 16 U.500.12
  UT600-65UA01 600 600 510 485 65 1.5 23 U.600.14
  UT650-65UA01 650 650 560 535 65 1.75 25 U.650.14
  UT700-65UA01 700 700 610 585 65 2 27.5 U.700.14
  UT750-65UA01 750 750 660 635 65 2.3 30 U.750.14
  UT800-65UA01 800 800 710 685 65 2.5 32 U.800.14
  UT850-65UA01 850 850 760 735 65 2.75 34 U.850.14
  UT900-65UA01 900 900 810 785 65 3 36 U.900.14
  UT950-65UA01 950 950 860 835 65 3.25 37 U.950.14
  UT1015-80UA01 1571 1015 900 882 80 4 60 U.1015.16
  UT1050-65UA01 1050 1050 960 935 65 4.5 43 U.1050.14
  UT1100-90UA01 1100 1100 986 959 90 5 45 U.1100.14
  UT1105-80UA01 1100 1105 990 972 80 5 64 U.1105.16

UA 02 Types

Part No.
A B E F H Capacity Weight  
Related To
    mm mm mm mm mm ton kg  
UT1000-70UA02 1000 1000 846 879 70 8 77 1000X70
  UT1000-90UA02 1000 1000 846 879 90 8 68 1000X90

UA 03  Types

Part No.
A B E F H Capacity Weight  
Related To
    mm mm mm mm mm ton kg  
  UT1008-90UA03 1000 1008 886 849 90 10 78 SB1000-22LW
  UT1100-90UA03 1095 1108 986 949 90 12 86 1100-22
  UT1200-90UA03 1195 1208 1086 1050 90 13 95 1200-22
  UT1211-90UA03 1200 1211 1083 1050 90 13 95 1211-22
  UT1315-90UA03 1300 1315 1180 1146 90 14 107  

UB 01 Types

Type Part No. A B E F H Capacity Weight Related To
    mm mm mm mm mm ton kg  
  UT1000-80UB01 1000 1000 874 840 80 15 82  
  UT1000-80UB01 1000 1000 874 840 90 15 85  
  UT1100-78UB01 1100 1100 988 952 78 12 82  
  UT1100-85UB01 1100 1100 976 943 85 18 97  
  UT1600-92UB01 1600 1600 1400 1400 92 30 214  

UB 02 Types

Type Part No. A B E F H Capacity Weight Related To
    mm mm mm mm mm ton kg  
  UT1000-90UB02 987 1000 864 834 90 10 79 DB90-12LW
  UT1066-90UB02 1058 1066 930 900 90 11 88  
  UT1108-90UB02A 1095 1108 980 943 90 18 95  
  UT1108-90UB02B 1095 1108 974 942 90 19 97 DK90/16 Frue
  UT1208-92UB02 1208 1195 1076 1040 92 22 108  

Z Types

Type Part No. A B E F H Capacity Weight Related To
    mm mm mm mm mm ton kg  
  UT400-52Z 400 334 281 215 52 1 12 Z.400.14
  UT500-52Z 500 434 381 315 52 1.5 16 Z.500.14
  UT650-52Z 650 584 531 465 52 2 22 Z.650.14
  UT750-52Z 750 687 623 565 52 2.5 31 Z.750.16
  UT850-52Z 850 787 723 665 52 3 35 Z.850.16
  UT950-52Z 950 887 823 765 52 3.5 40 Z.950.16
  UT1050-52Z 1050 987 923 854 52 4 45 Z.1050.16
  UT1102-52Z 1102 1571 993 965 52 7 57 Z.1100.16
  UT1120-52Z 1120 1052 989 925 52 6 49 Z.1120.16

Why choose UT Trailer?

ZheJiang UT Trailer Parts Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of semi trailer’s spare parts. It possesses production buildings of more than 12000 meter square, and senior and intermediate staffs more than 60 technicians’ team. Our products are strictly been produced and examed by ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System.

We’ve been exploited overseas market continuously, and established sale and after service net spot in nation scope. It is our CZPT pursuit that “the first class products, reasonable price, the perfect after service”. 

“UT” Main Products of UT Trailer:

1. Turntable for semi-trailers and fully trailers, capacity from 2 to 100 tons.
2. Mechanical suspension: Casting or welded type. American style or Germany style.
3. Cantilever suspension (bogie), 24, 28, 32 ,36tons capacity. 
4. Axle: Stud hub or spider axle,12 to 20 tons payload.
5. Axle Tube: One piece type, axle if fabricated from 1 steel tube without welding.
6. Landing gear: Single side operation or twin side operation landing gears for semi-trailers.
7. Leaf spring: width 75mm, 90mm, 100mm or 120mm.
8. Fifth wheel.2″ or 3.5″, forged or casting type. 



Warranty: 3 Years
Type: Turntable
Certification: ISO/TS16949, CCC, ISO, CE, ISO9001
Loading Weight: as Per Request
ABS: Without ABS
Tent Type: Without
US$ 300/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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What is a bushing?

If you’ve ever wondered what an enclosure is, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide an overview of different types of housings, including air-insulated, oil-impregnated porous bronze, and epoxy-impregnated capacitor cells. After reading this article, you will be better equipped to make an informed choice about the type of bushings your truck needs.

air insulating sleeve

When choosing bushings for your electrical application, you need to look for bushings with long-lasting insulation. In addition to being durable, bushings must have the correct design shape and material to remain effective over time. Porcelain was used in early casing designs and was chosen for indoor and outdoor applications due to its low cost and low linear expansion. Porcelain also requires a lot of metal fittings and flexible seals to remain effective.
Solid bushings have a center conductor and a porcelain or epoxy insulator. They are used in low voltage electrical applications such as small distribution transformers and circuit switches. However, their low radial capacity limits their use in high-voltage applications, so they are limited to circuit switches and other low-voltage equipment. The electrical service duty of the bushing determines the type of insulation required.
Another type of air-insulated bushing is made of conductive metal, which reduces heat transfer. This design enables it to operate over a range of temperature conditions. Additionally, air-insulated bushings are generally more effective than gas-insulated bushings in a range of applications. The main difference between air-insulated bushings and gas-insulated bushings is the insulating material. While gas-insulated bushings are usually made of high-quality materials, high-quality materials are still preferred in some applications.
Elliott # B series insulators are 25 kV class and pressure molded cycloaliphatic epoxy resins. They feature knurled brass inserts and 16 UNC threads. If you choose this type, make sure it matches the exact diameter of your Elliott Class 25 kv air insulated bushing. These insulators also provide overall shielding and require openings to fit inch diameters.
There are two types of air-insulated bushings: air-to-air and oil-to-oil. Oil is a stronger dielectric than air, and air-to-oil bushings are used to connect atmospheric air to oil-filled equipment. They are available for solid and capacitive hierarchies. So, which one is right for you? Just choose the right insulation to make your equipment as efficient as possible.

Oil Impregnated Porous Bronze Bushings

Oil-impregnated porous bronze (PbB) bushings are one of the best options for lubricating metal bearings. Lubrication is maintained even in high temperature applications as oil penetrates into the pores of the bronze. They are also self-lubricating and maintenance-free. Manufactured by CZPT, the Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushing is a powder metal process that is uniformly lubricated by a uniform oil film. This type of bearing is one of the most efficient in terms of precision performance.
One major difference between oil-impregnated bronze bushings and standard cast bronze bushings is their manufacturing process. Oil-impregnated bronze bushings are pressed from powder and then sintered to form a hardened part. This method is very effective for high-volume manufacturing, but it also has its limitations. Oil-impregnated bronze bushings are cheaper and more efficient, but they have mechanical limitations.
The production of oil-impregnated porous bronze bushings is simple. Powder bronze bushings are pressed and vacuum sealed by forcing oil into the pores. The low stress properties of oil-impregnated bronze bushings make them easier to manufacture in high volume. It also does not require additional lubrication. However, oil-impregnated porous bronze bushings have relatively low mechanical strength and are not recommended for applications where high temperatures are present.
Oil Impregnated Porous Bronze is also known as BPPB. Unlike traditional oil-impregnated bronze bushings, BPPB bushings have a high oil retention capacity. This means they will last a long time and you will save a lot of maintenance costs. But be careful. Porous bronze bushings can only last so long without oil.
Oil-impregnated bronze bushings are a good choice if dimensional consistency is important. BP bronze bushings have the same C dimension as solid metal bushings. While the CZPT is a ghost of the past, there are now many powder metal manufacturers producing BP housings. Their C of F values ​​range from 0.04 to 0.08.

Epoxy Impregnated Capacitor Batteries

Epoxy impregnated condenser core sleeves are conductive paper used in air conditioning systems. The paper core is coated with epoxy resin and the insulating shell is silicone rubber. RIP bushings have excellent electrical properties, are fire resistant and are relatively small. However, the process of making these products is not easy and mistakes are common. These defects manifest as cracks or other structural damage in the capacitor cells.
RIF (Resin Impregnated) bushings feature a finely graded design. The capacitor core is made of glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin. The outer insulation is made of silicone rubber sheds glued directly to the capacitor core. These bushings are designed for small clearances, so no filler material is required.
In order to determine whether the RIP sleeve is void-free and dry, the insulating paper must be impregnated with epoxy resin. The process is similar to making conventional condenser core sleeves, but with greater flexibility and robustness. The main difference between RIP bushings and conventional insulators is the epoxy content.
Capacitor grading bushings are also available. These bushings increase the electric field at the ends of the capacitor core plates. The higher the temperature, the higher the electric field. These properties make resin-impregnated capacitor mandrel sleeves reliable. However, capacitor grade bushings have higher electric fields than nonlinear bushings.
The capacitor core of the present invention is made by winding paper around the winding tube 3 . The paper may contain an intermediate conductive foil. The winding tube is then covered with electrical insulator. Afterwards, the capacitor core 1 will be RIP and electrically connected to the electrical conductor 6 .
To further characterize the performance of RIPs, thermal shock current (TSC) was used to determine their trap parameters. Unmodified epoxy resin and nano-SiO2 modified RIP were tested. The RIP samples were polarized under a 2 kV/mm electric field at 333 K for 10 min and then subcooled to 193 K with liquid nitrogen. TSC curves were obtained at 3 K/min and 383 K.

plastic bushing

Plastic bushings are essential for many industries. They protect wires and other mechanical parts. They come in many shapes and sizes and are often used as adapters when connecting two pipes or tubes of different diameters. They are available in a variety of materials including rubber, steel and various other plastics. Most bushings are cylindrical or conical in shape and made of shock absorbing material. They slide on rods or pipes to provide low friction motion.
Plastic bushings can be made from a variety of materials, including phenolic, polyethylene, and nylon. While phenolic resins have long been the preferred choice for heavy-duty applications, nylon is the most commonly used lining plastic. Nylon has several advantages, including low friction, no lubrication, quiet operation, and low wear. In addition to these advantages, it is easy to form and cast. In order to obtain better mechanical properties, fillers such as molybdenum disulfide can be added to the material. Plus, filled nylon parts resist deformation at temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
Another benefit of plastic bushings is their low cost. Much cheaper than metal, plastic is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of industries. A quick installation and replacement process makes them the first choice for users who need to install new components quickly. Plus, plastic bushings don’t wear out as quickly as metal, which is another benefit. And because the wear rate of plastic bushings is predictable, manufacturers can easily replace them before they start to fail. And they last longer, so you save time and money.
Plastic bushings are widely used in machinery with sliding and rotating shaft components. They have excellent load-carrying capacity and anti-friction properties. They are essential to many industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, hydropower, transportation and food processing. They are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are very durable and very reliable. They reduce machine wear and are less expensive than bearings.

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