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     CHIK Slender Section Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61900ZZ 61901ZZ 61902ZZ 61903ZZ 61904ZZ 61905ZZ ABEC1 ABEC3 ABEC5   

Slim Wall bearings, also recognized as “Basic Bearings” or “Sleeve Bearings”, are created for use in several purposes and offer you attributes and positive aspects unavailable with a lot of rolling-factor bearings. Slender Wall bearings are distinguished from rolling-aspect bearings largely by the truth that they consist of only 1 part. Nonetheless, that singular component may be created from various components, and layered and mixed into a load carrying technique

Slender Wall bearings are normally found in Compressors, Pumps, Turbines, utilised for main bearings and connecting rod bearings.

Solitary row deep groove ball bearings are most often utilised bearing type. They are adaptable, self-retaining bearings with sound
outer rings, interior rings and ball and cage assemblies. Due to their low frictional torque, they are appropriate for higher and even extremely substantial
speeds and are robust in operation, minor upkeep. Thanks to the raceway geometry and the balls used as rolling factors, deep
groove ball bearings can support relatively large radial masses, as properly as tiny axial masses.

Thin Wall Deep Groove Ball Bearing: (ZZ/2RS/Z/RS/RSL/2RSL)
61800 Sequence : 
61800 bearing, 61802 bearing, 61803 bearing, 61804 bearing, 61805 bearing, 61806 bearing, 61807 bearing, 61808 bearing, 61809 bearing, 61810 bearing, 61811 bearing, 61812 bearing, 61813 bearing, 61814 bearing, 61815 bearing, 61816 bearing, 61817 bearing, 61818 bearing, 61819 bearing, 61820 bearing, 61821 bearing, 61822 bearing, 61824 bearing, 61826 bearing, 61828 bearing, 61830 bearing, 61832 bearing, 61834 bearing, 61836 bearing, 61838 bearing, 61840 bearing, 61844 bearing, 61848 bearing, 61852 bearing, 61856 bearing, 61860 bearing…..

61800ZZ Bearing, 61802ZZ Bearing, 61803ZZ Bearing, 61804ZZ Bearing, 61805ZZ Bearing, 61806ZZ Bearing, 61807ZZ Bearing, 61808ZZ Bearing, 61809ZZ Bearing, 61810ZZ Bearing, 61811ZZ Bearing, 61812ZZ Bearing, 61813ZZ Bearing, 61814ZZ Bearing, 61815ZZ Bearing, 61816ZZ Bearing, 61817ZZ Bearing, 61818ZZ Bearing, 61819ZZ Bearing, 61820ZZ Bearing, 61821ZZ Bearing, 61822ZZ Bearing, 61824ZZ Bearing, 61826ZZ Bearing, 61828ZZ Bearing, 61830ZZ Bearing, 61832ZZ Bearing, 61834ZZ Bearing, 61836ZZ Bearing, 61838ZZ Bearing, 61840ZZ Bearing, 61844ZZ Bearing, 61848ZZ Bearing, 61852ZZ Bearing, 61856ZZ Bearing, 61860ZZ Bearing…..

61800-2RS Bearing, 61802-2RS Bearing, 61803-2RS Bearing, 61804-2RS Bearing, 61805-2RS Bearing, 61806-2RS Bearing, 61807-2RS Bearing, 61808-2RS Bearing, 61809-2RS Bearing, 61810-2RS Bearing, 61811-2RS Bearing, 61812-2RS Bearing, 61813-2RS Bearing, 61814-2RS Bearing, 61815-2RS Bearing, 61816-2RS Bearing, 61817-2RS Bearing, 61818-2RS Bearing, 61819-2RS Bearing, 61820-2RS Bearing, 61821-2RS Bearing, 61822-2RS Bearing, 61824-2RS Bearing, 61826-2RS Bearing, 61828-2RS Bearing, 61830-2RS Bearing, 61832-2RS Bearing, 61834-2RS Bearing, 61836-2RS Bearing, 61838-2RS Bearing, 61840-2RS Bearing, 61844-2RS Bearing, 61848-2RS Bearing, 61852-2RS Bearing, 61856-2RS Bearing, 61860-2RS Bearing…..

61800N Bearing, 61802N Bearing, 61803N Bearing, 61804N Bearing, 61805N Bearing, 61806N Bearing, 61807N Bearing, 61808N Bearing, 61809N Bearing, 61810N Bearing, 61811N Bearing, 61812N Bearing, 61813N Bearing, 61814N Bearing, 61815N Bearing, 61816N Bearing, 61817N Bearing, 61818N Bearing, 61819N Bearing, 61820N Bearing, 61821N Bearing, 61822N Bearing, 61824N Bearing, 61826N Bearing, 61828N Bearing, 61830N Bearing, 61832N Bearing, 61834N Bearing, 61836N Bearing, 61838N Bearing, 61840N Bearing, 61844N Bearing, 61848N Bearing, 61852N Bearing, 61856N Bearing, 61860N Bearing…..
61800NR Bearing, 61802NR Bearing, 61803NR Bearing, 61804NR Bearing, 61805NR Bearing, 61806NR Bearing, 61807NR Bearing, 61808NR Bearing, 61809NR Bearing, 61810NR Bearing, 61811NR Bearing, 61812NR Bearing, 61813NR Bearing, 61814NR Bearing, 61815NR Bearing, 61816NR Bearing, 61817NR Bearing, 61818NR Bearing, 61819NR Bearing, 61820NR Bearing, 61821NR Bearing, 61822NR Bearing, 61824NR Bearing, 61826NR Bearing, 61828NR Bearing, 61830NR Bearing, 61832NR Bearing, 61834NR Bearing, 61836NR Bearing, 61838NR Bearing, 61840NR Bearing, 61844NR Bearing, 61848NR Bearing, 61852NR Bearing, 61856NR Bearing, 61860NR Bearing…..

61900 Series
61900 bearing, 61902 bearing, 61903 bearing, 61904 bearing, 61905 bearing, 61906 bearing, 61907 bearing, 61908 bearing, 61909 bearing, 61910 bearing, 61911 bearing, 61912 bearing, 61913 bearing, 61914 bearing, 61915 bearing, 61916 bearing, 61917 bearing, 61918 bearing, 61919 bearing, 61920 bearing, 61921 bearing, 61922 bearing, 61924 bearing, 61926 bearing, 61928 bearing, 61930 bearing, 61932 bearing, 61934 bearing, 61936 bearing, 61938 bearing, 61940 bearing, 61944 bearing, 61948 bearing, 61952 bearing, 61956 bearing, 61960 bearing…..

61900ZZ Bearing, 61902ZZ Bearing, 61903ZZ Bearing, 61904ZZ Bearing, 61905ZZ Bearing, 61906ZZ Bearing, 61907ZZ Bearing, 61908ZZ Bearing, 61909ZZ Bearing, 61910ZZ Bearing, 61911ZZ Bearing, 61912ZZ Bearing, 61913ZZ Bearing, 61914ZZ Bearing, 61915ZZ Bearing, 61916ZZ Bearing, 61917ZZ Bearing, 61918ZZ Bearing, 61919ZZ Bearing, 61920ZZ Bearing, 61921ZZ Bearing, 61922ZZ Bearing, 61924ZZ Bearing, 61926ZZ Bearing, 61928ZZ Bearing, 61930ZZ Bearing, 61932ZZ Bearing, 61934ZZ Bearing, 61936ZZ Bearing, 61938ZZ Bearing, 61940ZZ Bearing, 61944ZZ Bearing, 61948ZZ Bearing, 61952ZZ Bearing, 61956ZZ Bearing, 61960ZZ Bearing…..

61900-2RS Bearing, 61902-2RS Bearing, 61903-2RS Bearing, 61904-2RS Bearing, 61905-2RS Bearing, 61906-2RS Bearing, 61907-2RS Bearing, 61908-2RS Bearing, 61909-2RS Bearing, 61910-2RS Bearing, 61911-2RS Bearing, 61912-2RS Bearing, 61913-2RS Bearing, 61914-2RS Bearing, 61915-2RS Bearing, 61916-2RS Bearing, 61917-2RS Bearing, 61918-2RS Bearing, 61919-2RS Bearing, 61920-2RS Bearing, 61921-2RS Bearing, 61922-2RS Bearing, 61924-2RS Bearing, 61926-2RS Bearing, 61928-2RS Bearing, 61930-2RS Bearing, 61932-2RS Bearing, 61934-2RS Bearing, 61936-2RS Bearing, 61938-2RS Bearing, 61940-2RS Bearing, 61944-2RS Bearing, 61948-2RS Bearing, 61952-2RS Bearing, 61956-2RS Bearing, 61960-2RS Bearing…..

61900N Bearing, 61902N Bearing, 61903N Bearing, 61904N Bearing, 61905N Bearing, 61906N Bearing, 61907N Bearing, 61908N Bearing, 61909N Bearing, 61910N Bearing, 61911N Bearing, 61912N Bearing, 61913N Bearing, 61914N Bearing, 61915N Bearing, 61916N Bearing, 61917N Bearing, 61918N Bearing, 61919N Bearing, 61920N Bearing, 61921N Bearing, 61922N Bearing, 61924N Bearing, 61926N Bearing, 61928N Bearing, 61930N Bearing, 61932N Bearing, 61934N Bearing, 61936N Bearing, 61938N Bearing, 61940N Bearing, 61944N Bearing, 61948N Bearing, 61952N Bearing, 61956N Bearing, 61960N Bearing…..

61900NR Bearing, 61902NR Bearing, 61903NR Bearing, 61904NR Bearing, 61905NR Bearing, 61906NR Bearing, 61907NR Bearing, 61908NR Bearing, 61909NR Bearing, 61910NR Bearing, 61911NR Bearing, 61912NR Bearing, 61913NR Bearing, 61914NR Bearing, 61915NR Bearing, 61916NR Bearing, 61917NR Bearing, 61918NR Bearing, 61919NR Bearing, 61920NR Bearing, 61921NR Bearing, 61922NR Bearing, 61924NR Bearing, 61926NR Bearing, 61928NR Bearing, 61930NR Bearing, 61932NR Bearing, 61934NR Bearing, 61936NR Bearing, 61938NR Bearing, 61940NR Bearing, 61944NR Bearing, 61948NR Bearing, 61952NR Bearing, 61956NR Bearing, 61960NR Bearing…..

16000 Sereis
16000 bearing, 16002 bearing, 16003 bearing, 16004 bearing, 16005 bearing, 16006 bearing, 16007 bearing, 16008 bearing, 16009 bearing, 16571 bearing, 16011 bearing, 16012 bearing, 16013 bearing, 16014 bearing, 16015 bearing, 16016 bearing, 16017 bearing, 16018 bearing, 16019 bearing, 16571 bearing, 16571 bearing, 16571 bearing, 16571 bearing, 16026 bearing, 16571 bearing, 16030 bearing, 16032 bearing, 16034 bearing, 16036 bearing, 16038 bearing, 16040 bearing, 16044 bearing, 16048 bearing, 16052 bearing, 16056 bearing, 16060 bearing…..
16000ZZ Bearing, 16002ZZ Bearing, 16003ZZ Bearing, 16004ZZ Bearing, 16005ZZ Bearing, 16006ZZ Bearing, 16007ZZ Bearing, 16008ZZ Bearing, 16009ZZ Bearing, 16571ZZ Bearing, 16011ZZ Bearing, 16012ZZ Bearing, 16013ZZ Bearing, 16014ZZ Bearing, 16015ZZ Bearing, 16016ZZ Bearing, 16017ZZ Bearing, 16018ZZ Bearing, 16019ZZ Bearing, 16571ZZ Bearing, 16571ZZ Bearing, 16571ZZ Bearing, 16571ZZ Bearing, 16026ZZ Bearing, 16571ZZ Bearing, 16030ZZ Bearing, 16032ZZ Bearing, 16034ZZ Bearing, 16036ZZ Bearing, 16038ZZ Bearing, 16040ZZ Bearing, 16044ZZ Bearing, 16048ZZ Bearing, 16052ZZ Bearing, 16056ZZ Bearing, 16060ZZ Bearing…..
16000-2RS Bearing, 16002-2RS Bearing, 16003-2RS Bearing, 16004-2RS Bearing, 16005-2RS Bearing, 16006-2RS Bearing, 16007-2RS Bearing, 16008-2RS Bearing, 16009-2RS Bearing, 16571-2RS Bearing, 16011-2RS Bearing, 16012-2RS Bearing, 16013-2RS Bearing, 16014-2RS Bearing, 16015-2RS Bearing, 16016-2RS Bearing, 16017-2RS Bearing, 16018-2RS Bearing, 16019-2RS Bearing, 16571-2RS Bearing, 16571-2RS Bearing, 16571-2RS Bearing, 16571-2RS Bearing, 16026-2RS Bearing, 16571-2RS Bearing, 16030-2RS Bearing, 16032-2RS Bearing, 16034-2RS Bearing, 16036-2RS Bearing, 16038-2RS Bearing, 16040-2RS Bearing, 16044-2RS Bearing, 16048-2RS Bearing, 16052-2RS Bearing, 16056-2RS Bearing, 16060-2RS Bearing…..
16000N Bearing, 16002N Bearing, 16003N Bearing, 16004N Bearing, 16005N Bearing, 16006N Bearing, 16007N Bearing, 16008N Bearing, 16009N Bearing, 16571N Bearing, 16011N Bearing, 16012N Bearing, 16013N Bearing, 16014N Bearing, 16015N Bearing, 16016N Bearing, 16017N Bearing, 16018N Bearing, 16019N Bearing, 16571N Bearing, 16571N Bearing, 16571N Bearing, 16571N Bearing, 16026N Bearing, 16571N Bearing, 16030N Bearing, 16032N Bearing, 16034N Bearing, 16036N Bearing, 16038N Bearing, 16040N Bearing, 16044N Bearing, 16048N Bearing, 16052N Bearing, 16056N Bearing, 16060N Bearing…..
16000NR Bearing, 16002NR Bearing, 16003NR Bearing, 16004NR Bearing, 16005NR Bearing, 16006NR Bearing, 16007NR Bearing, 16008NR Bearing, 16009NR Bearing, 16571NR Bearing, 16011NR Bearing, 16012NR Bearing, 16013NR Bearing, 16014NR Bearing, 16015NR Bearing, 16016NR Bearing, 16017NR Bearing, 16018NR Bearing, 16019NR Bearing, 16571NR Bearing, 16571NR Bearing, 16571NR Bearing, 16571NR Bearing, 16026NR Bearing, 16571NR Bearing, 16030NR Bearing, 16032NR Bearing, 16034NR Bearing, 16036NR Bearing, 16038NR Bearing, 16040NR Bearing, 16044NR Bearing, 16048NR Bearing, 16052NR Bearing, 16056NR Bearing, 16060NR Bearing…..

CHIK bearings established in 2001, makes a wide selection of ball and roller bearings for automotive making, Ferrous Metallurgy, Chemical CZPT and Equipment Manufacturing in its main plants in China mainland. Our primary bearing items incorporate deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, solitary row angular speak to bearings, double row angular contact bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, spherical basic bearings, spherical bearings, automotive bearings, pump bearings, and several non-common bearings are also in our item selection. The yearly output is much more than ten million sets.

To stay in front and generating progress, we continually maintain growing our manufacturing capabilities in far more metropolitan areas where are more targeted traffic-produced and Sources-satisfactory in HangZhou, HangZhou and ZheJiang in China.

Our plant was outfitted with fully CZPT enclosed dust-free workshop and warehouse, with enhanced detection technology. This permits us make a lot of higher quality bearings and meet up with buyers supply time. All goods could meet a lot of innovative intercontinental expectations with high high quality metal and entirely screening remedy.

CHIK has been profitable cooperation with a lot of overseas buyers, leaving very good popularity of reliability with a high-high quality item top quality. With ample resource, rigorous good quality handle, substantial-high quality service, and aggressive value, CZPT has been the initial choice of many consumers as bearing provider. OEM is also welcomed as an CZPT cooperation technique.

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Picking the Appropriate Ball Bearing for Your Software

When deciding on a Ball Bearing, there are many factors to contemplate. These factors consist of: the size, lubricant kind, presence of corrosive agents, stray electrical currents, and much more. It can be challenging to pick the appropriate variety, dimension, and sort of ball bearing for your application. You ought to also very carefully compute the masses to figure out the right measurement. Below are some tips for picking the right Ball Bearing for your application.


The single-row ball bearing is one of the most well-known types of bearings. The inner and outer ring are designed with raceway grooves that are shaped marginally more substantial than the balls. This variety of bearing has a lower torque and can take care of higher-pace applications with small electricity decline. The radial dimensions of single-row ball bearings also vary, so it is possible to uncover 1 that fits your certain application. Aside from the over-mentioned positive aspects, solitary-row ball bearings are also available with different grease ranges and are commonly applicable to programs exactly where the area is minimal.
Solitary-row ball bearings are also referred to as angular-contact ball bearings. Due to the fact of their single-row design and style, they are not separable and can accommodate a higher-speed, large-duty software. Single-row angular-get in touch with ball bearings can only manage axial load in a single course, and they must be put in in pairs for pure radial hundreds. Solitary-row ball bearings are a well-liked sort of rolling bearings and can be utilised for a broad variety of programs.


The self-aligning ball bearing was invented by Sven Wingquist, a plant engineer for a textile company in Sweden. While he was liable for generating generation as productive as possible, he before long realized that the equipment he had in place wasn’t working as proficiently as it could. Despite the fact that ball bearings are excellent for decreasing friction, they ended up not versatile ample to compensate for misalignments in the device.
Self-aligning ball bearings have two rows of balls and a typical sphered raceway. The interior ring is curved and combines the two rows of balls into one cage. These bearings can tolerate shaft misalignment and compensate for static angular defects. They can be utilized in straightforward woodworking equipment, ventilators, and conveying equipment. They are typically the preferred option for apps in which shaft alignment is an concern.


A Ceramic ball bearing is a type of large-overall performance bearing that is available in both full-ceramic and hybrid kinds. The primary differences among ceramic and metal ball bearings are their development, lubrication, and mobility. Higher-top quality ceramic ball bearings are durable, and they are excellent for corrosive and higher-temperature applications. The substance employed to generate these bearings helps prevent electrolytic corrosion. They are also excellent for lowering the friction and lubrication demands.
Ceramic balls are harder and much less brittle than metal balls, which offers them a increased diploma of rigidity. Ceramics also have a greater hardness, with a hardness of Rc75-eighty in comparison to Rc58-64 for metal balls. Their high compressive toughness is roughly 5 to 7 instances higher than steel. In addition, they have a quite low coefficient of friction, which enables them to spin at higher speeds and with much less friction. This increases their lifespan and sturdiness, and decreases the power necessary to flip cranks.


Not like standard bearings, steel balls have a comparatively uniform hardness. Carbon steel, for instance, is 2.1% carbon by weight. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, copper articles must be no more than .40% and manganese material must not be much more than 1.sixty five g/cm3. Right after carbonizing, metal balls bear a procedure referred to as sizing, which increases their roundness geometry and hardness.
The primary variations amongst metal ball bearings and ceramic ball bearings can be traced to their diverse components. Ceramic balls are manufactured from zirconium dioxide or silicon nitride. Silicon nitride is more challenging than steel and resists shocks. The result is elevated velocity and for a longer time provider lifestyle. Polyoxymethylene acetal (PMMA) bearing balls are recognized for their stiffness, energy, and tolerance, but are not as widespread as steel ball bearings.


The most well-liked sorts of plastic ball bearings are produced of polypropylene or PTFE. These bearings are utilised in purposes demanding greater chemical resistance. Polypropylene is a structural polymer that delivers excellent physical and chemical qualities, such as excellent resistance to organic and natural solvents and degreasing agents. Its light-weight, low dampness absorption fee, and good heat resistance make it an outstanding decision for large-temperature applications. Nevertheless, plastic bearings are not without their negatives, specially when working at very high temperatures or beneath large hundreds.
Compared to metallic bearings, plastic ball-bearings do not require lubrication. They also are extremely corrosion-resistant, generating them an outstanding option for wash-down purposes. They are also submit-, autoclave-, and gamma sterilizable. A lot of traditional steel ball-bearings are not able to manage the substantial temperatures of meals processing or swimming pools. In addition to substantial temperature apps, plastic ball bearings are resistant to chemical compounds, which includes chlorine.


Plastic sliding bearings are molded bearings manufactured of engineering plastic. With self-lubricating modification technologies, these bearings can be made by injection molding of plastic beads. They are commonly used in a variety of industries these kinds of as place of work equipment, physical fitness and automotive products. In addition to plastic bearings, glass balls are used in a variety of other apps, like medical equipment. Glass ball bearings have exceptional corrosion resistance, superb mechanical homes, and are electrically insulators.
Plastic ball bearings are manufactured of all-plastic races and cages. These bearings are appropriate for applications that are uncovered to acids and alkalis. Due to the fact they are less expensive than glass balls, plastic ball bearings are popular in chemical-exposed environments. Stainless steel balls are also resistant to warmth and corrosion. But the major drawback of plastic ball bearings is that they are not as strong as glass balls. So, if fat and sounds is your major problem, contemplate making use of plastic balls instead.


The world-wide miniature ball bearing market is predicted to attain US$ 2.39 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 7.2%. Growth in the location is attributed to technological progression and government initiatives. International locations such as India and China are attracting FDIs and emphasizing the institution of a world-wide producing hub. This is boosting the industry for miniature ball bearings. The miniscule ball bearings are manufactured in little portions and are extremely tiny.
Some companies produce miniature ball bearings in diverse components and types. Chrome steel is the most common substance for miniature ball bearings simply because of its higher load potential, minimal noise homes, and decrease price. But the cost of stainless steel miniature bearings is lower, given that the quantity of steel used is small. Stainless steel miniature bearings are the smallest in dimensions. For that reason, you can choose stainless steel mini ball bearings for higher-velocity programs.

Angular-make contact with

Angular-speak to ball bearings have a few elements: a cage, internal ring, and balls. Angular-speak to ball bearings can help high axial and radial masses. Various layout and manufacturing attributes make angular-make contact with ball bearings appropriate for a assortment of apps. Some functions of this bearing sort consist of a particular lubricant, diverse cage components, and distinct coatings.
The measurement of an angular-speak to ball bearing is decided by the design models: outer ring width, axial load, and radial load. Depending on the sort of application, an angular-contact ball bearing may possibly be created in double-row, triple-row, or quadruple-row configurations. Angular speak to ball bearings can be categorised in accordance to their layout units, which selection from metric to imperial. A higher ABEC amount signifies tighter tolerances. To figure out the tolerance equal of a distinct bearing, seek advice from a common Angular-make contact with ball bearing table.
Angular-get in touch with ball bearings function substantial and reduced-shoulder configurations. They have two-dimensional races that accommodate axial and radial loads. They are accessible in self-retaining models with sound internal and outer rings, and ball and cage assemblies. Cages made of forged and wrought brass are the most common, but lightweight phenolic cages are also obtainable. The latter is a greater choice due to the fact it will not take up oil and has decrease rolling friction.


When it comes to the design of a ball bearing, higher-high quality raw resources are a essential ingredient. These resources not only influence the general top quality of a ball bearing, but also impact the value. Which is why you should shell out near attention to uncooked materials high quality. In addition to that, raw resources ought to be examined many times before the producing procedure to make sure good quality. Go through on for some details about the diverse varieties of materials utilised to make ball bearings.
Steel is the most frequent substance for ball bearings. Most ball bearings have stainless metal balls, which are remarkably corrosion-resistant. They are also resistant to saltwater and alkalis. However, stainless metal balls are heavier than plastic ones, and they are also magnetic, which may be a drawback in some applications. If you are searching for a metallic-totally free option, glass balls are the way to go. They are durable, light-weight, and resistant to a wide variety of substances.

China Standard Thin Wall Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61900zz 61901zz 61902zz 61903zz 61904zz 61905zz ABEC1 ABEC3 ABEC5 with Low Friction Low Viberation     with Best SalesChina Standard Thin Wall Deep Groove Ball Bearing 61900zz 61901zz 61902zz 61903zz 61904zz 61905zz ABEC1 ABEC3 ABEC5 with Low Friction Low Viberation     with Best Sales